Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Twisted Bah Kut Teh

It was a preplanned bah kut teh lunch trip, and as we all know the best bah kut teh in town has to be from Klang. 

Upon arrival, I was posed with the most mind blowing question I've heard all week "Would you like to try fish bah kut teh?"

Okay, I'm pretty sure some of you (if not most of you may have heard of this fish bah kut teh)..but not me. So off we left our meet up point for this store which apparently serves very good fish bah kut teh.

Must have been a tad too late for lunch, the fish version of this delicacy was sold out! The server then offered us another variant - the lala bah kut teh. Twisted! That's how my mind and imagination was at that point of time. So out of this thing I'd like to call curiosity, we ordered one portion of the lala bah kut teh and another portion of the regular bah kut teh - Yes, PORK bah kut teh.

What is this lala bah kut teh? The obvious ingredient would have to be lala (or clams - I personally think that clams would do better justice over lala since it is naturally sweeter in taste). The star ingredient is boiled in a broth which I'd like to think of as a marriage between the herbal soup used in the regular bah kut teh and a blend of Chinese rice wine, ginger and chillies; served in a clay-pot over a very hot fire. The result? Simply fabulous!

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