Thursday, May 03, 2012

Inspiring whispers

Talk is good. Talking is a sign of expression; an expression of one's emotions, of thoughts and ideas, of fun and laughter. Speech is a weapon, designed either to bring people closer or to tear the bonds that remain. Words, carelessly said can be dangerous. Conversation - the best ones are the ones that provoke the mind, challenging ideas and ideals in every way possible; testing the very core of our beliefs. Then we expand our minds, and learn new things - we see new horizons... all with a little tolerance.

I had a very interesting conversation with an awesome friend today. An inspiring talk, of life and achievements; of milestones and ambitions. Milestones... do we achieve them to please our parents, and to be accepted by society as an individual who has somewhat "made it'.. or do we set these milestones as checkpoints to our ambitions?

I choose the latter. Every action and every accomplishment, in my opinion, should be crafted to our very desire - the desire to achieve some sort of personal satisfaction. A desire to take life to the next level and say "This is my life, and I have crafted every single part of it - the good and the bad - the way I had intended it to be"; and not as a checklist with a template created by the people around us.

The conversation carries on for a couple of hours. At the end of the conversation, I realized a very important thing - accepting things with a very open mind, yet standing on the very foundation of your beliefs is not an easy balance, but when we find that equilibrium, we find some sort of peace.. peace within ourselves, with the knowledge of what we stand for... and peace with others, accepting and loving them for their choices with tolerance and respect.

On a slightly different note, I'm gonna leave tonight's post with one of my all time favorite love songs. Personally do not fancy love songs & romantic movies.. but I think that the lyrics of this song are perfect... piercing through the very soul with each meaningful phrase, and the music... carefully crafted, is so delightful to the ears :)

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