Friday, May 11, 2012

I wanna live life AWESOME!

There's a reason why it is called history. Many history teachers would remind their students that history meant his-story. Take a closer look at the word history, and how his story fits in. To tell a story, one would have to have had experienced a moment, no matter big or small. To have experienced this moment, one would have to pass that moment in in time. And having passed that moment in time, the only way one could talk bout his story would only be to look back in time and reminisce the experience based on what memory his 5 senses and emotions had logged into his mind.

Looking back at past victories and hurts is very tempting. And sometimes we get lost in that moment, reminiscing the things that have come to pass. While looking back is not bad - if we use those instances as learning material to improve ourselves in the future, dwelling can be a dangerous task to endeavor.

I like this quote I found "Live out your imagination, not your history". It reminds me of how sometimes we tend to physically stay alive while our minds cling on to the past, robbing us from one of the most beautiful gift from God - LIVING. It is not enough to merely stay alive, but to be alive.. that is living. Why not fill our thoughts with new challenges, new ideas and color them with imagination? Why don't focus on these things and make living awesome!

The past cannot be changed... but the future can.

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