Monday, May 07, 2012

When we stop learning..

Reading - it ain't my favorite past time for sure. Getting my head buried in thick books, with print so fine by eyes squint just to read one sentence; the awkward bent in the neck and unnatural lift of my arm just to lift the book close enough so that I can see the words clearly. Or, the horrendous hours spent in front of a screen just to read.. and sometimes re-read paragraphs printed on electronic media. Those hindrances are definitely good enough to put me off from reading a good book.

Then, I realized that when we stop reading, we stop learning. Be it a romantic novel, or a technical text book, we learn - new thoughts, new ideas, new perception towards living. And that is when I found reading interesting again. Every single book/reading material has its value. Put aside fashion magazines and websites featuring celebrity gossips. I'm talking about decent literature like novels and self improvement books.

Do you realize that when you read a novel, you have gained a certain improvement in language skill? Be in grammatical, the vocabulary or the style of writing? Don't forget that part of imagination which the books unlock. Everyday life can be mundane. Sometimes, when we live everyday life as a routine for too long, we tend to close in on life...and our minds.. they become idle. Some light reading could help relax the mind and give a fresh new outlook to life.

Reading material is a very personal choice. Whatever it is, one should not stop reading and learning. Of course everything has to be read with a pinch of salt, and accepted with an open mind. Cheers!

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